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Couples doing these things together are Awesome Couples!

1. It’s not easy for couples to trust each other. If you and your partner share that bond with each other. Then there is going to be nothing that can come between you.
2. Couples that can hold each others hands and are not afraid to show public display of affection will have a successful relationship.
3. If you are a good listener and listen to his or her needs, then your relationship is a golden one.
4. Some people might be in sync with each other and have an equal wave length with each other. These couples are the best and are an example of true love.
5. Even if you are really busy with your daily life, if you call and find out how the other person is doing. Then It shows how the bond between you is strong.
6. Do you at least eat once together daily? This is an important need for a strong bonded relationship.