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Different types of hugs and their bearing on relationships

People in love or relationships may not be aware about the hidden problems.And being unaware about the problem on time can lead to break up or unhealthy struggling relationship. Hugging is often considered as a perfect indicator of the strength or the lack of it in relationships.

Here are three types of hugs that deserve some attention:

1. The Minimal Contact Hug
Hugging a person with minimal contact or particularly with the lower body apart is a warning sign. This means that one or both in this relationship are uncomfortable with each other. If you are practising this hug a lot than you should consider of dealing with some problems. This hug indicates that someone in the relationship has issues with getting close.

3. The Hugging With Legs Wrapped Around Your Waist
This hug represents great physical attraction among partners and passionate relationship. For sure you two have interesting and fulfilled life between the bedroom sheets.

3. The Hugging Like It Is End Of The World
This hug is most known by the name Deadlock – this is a tight hug when you or your partner wants to let go. The meaning of this hug is that you are in a serious relationship and you are about each other a lot and apparently you don’t want to get apart ever. This hug is normal if it happens after you haven’t seen in a while. Nut if it happens very often – like almost everyday means that you/your partner have fears of losing each other.