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Different types of salts that make you extraordinary healthy

Processed food offered from day to day takes a toll on the human body. This is also the case with sodium, or salt. While the ubiquitous table salts we consume does not contain sufficient minerals, natural and unprocessed salts do. Did you know the variety of natural salts that can help your health get better? Natural salts contain a total of 93 trace minerals, a heavy dose of minerals.

BLACK INDIAN SALT with hair growth stimulation
Black Indian salt is not black in color but the colors of this delicious ingredient range from a dark-pink hue to a dark violet.Also known as the kala namak or Himalayan black salt, its frequently used as an ingredient in Ayurveda cooking. It perhaps most well-known for its detoxification properties. Kala Namak is also terrific for the skin, and is believed to help stimulate hair growth. Some people also state that black salt helps with gastritis.

HAWAIIAN RED VOLCANIC SALT with detoxification effects
Hawaiian red volcanic salt contains 80 of the 93 available trace minerals, making it one of the most nutrient-dense natural salts on this list. Hawaiians adamantly believe that this natural salt contains potent healing and for years has been used in ceremonial rituals such as purification practices.It is also used as a topping for ice creams.

HIMALAYAN PINK CRYSTAL SALT used for lowering blood pressure
With wonderful rose color, this salt quite mellow in flavor. The product is extracted from antiquated sea bed deposits that are nearly 250 million years old. The salt contains 84 trace minerals and it can actually lower blood pressure.

NATURAL GRAY SEA SALT strengthens immune system
Natural Gray sea salt is the most nutrient-dense salt on the planet, containing 92 of 93 trace minerals. This salt is mainly used for seasoning. This salt can also assist in removal of excess acidity from cells.