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Why do some women experience difficulty in getting pregnant?

Ever wondered why some women have more chances of getting pregnant than others? A pregnancy seems simple enough but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 12% of women ages 15 to 44 years struggle with infertility.

Drinking A Lot Of Green Tea Could Mess With Your Fertility
Women like to drink green tea a lot! But chances are if you drink too much of it, it can end up messing with your fertility.

Your Weight
IF you are underweight or overweight it can cause an issue and might be the reason for your fertility issue. Research suggests that there’s a big connection between weight and infertility. That’s why most docs urge their patients to maintain a healthy body weight. The issue likely boils down to hormones, which can be impacted by body-fat levels and thus affect signaling between your pituitary gland, which secretes hormones to various parts of the body, and your ovaries.

Your Timing
Timing is important. Your safest bet for pregnancy is to have contact before or around ovulation, which happens two weeks before your period. Try every few days around that time and an ovulation predictor kit is worth considering too.

Certain conditions can cause infertility
Take a trip to your gynecologist and find out the reasons if there are physical issues at play. A history of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can also play a role by blocking the fallopian tubes with scarring. Doctors can suggest a better therapy for such conditions.

Smoking makes you less fertile
Smoking causes a loss of eggs and makes eggs less likely to fertilize,” says Ginsburg. And if you do get pregnant, as a smoker you’re at an increased risk of miscarriage.