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Disadvantages Of Concrete Courtyards!

Big houses in small area and keeping the floor around it as clean with concrete or using concrete tiles is a common view of any town. It should be discouraged. It doesn’t allow the rainwater to trickle down to earth , thus it flow to the public roads or drainage. the lack of clean and block less drainage in our locality is a big challenge. It leads to many serious health issues. Roads also get worse while there is excessive flow of water. Many building processes are going on every day by destructing green facing of earth. It have a very good role in increasing temperature in the air. Air Conditioners shears a space in our buildings very soon. It increases the atmospheric temperature excessively.

Being environmentally conscious has never been more at the forefront of homeowners’ minds. One area where many homeowners are especially concerned is in the home landscape. More people want to create yards that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but environmentally friendly as well.There are many ways to weave environmentally friendly elements into your backyard. Here are a few strategies for being kind to the environment and still enjoying an inviting outdoor space.

We must care to avoid making maximum concrete coverage on the earth even if your floor remain as little bit “cleanliness”. Use silver stones to avoid still-water on floor. You may plant plant and garden on terrace and balcony.

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