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What guys dislike in their partners while on bed

Having an engaging and satisfying physical  contact is not easily achieved. Both of the genders have different expectations as well as requirement. It is important to identify what guys expect from their girl when on the bed. There are several things that girls do in bed that guys don’t like.

They want you to involve
When you are doing physical contact, both of you should be involved. Guys don’t like that you just lie down and not participating in it. They like to stop midway when you don’t reciprocate.

Stop them
Many times girls ask guys to watch adult videos together. After watching such videos, guys get excited and want to have physical contact. But girls stop them from doing so. Guys hate it that girls excite them and also not allowing to do contact.

Not taking initiative
As guys always take initiative, they also want girls to do that. It is not possible for guys to understand what you want. So, express this to them by taking initiatives.

Annoyed on our sleeping
After physical contact, sometimes guys want to sleep. Girls get irritated when guys sleep and don’t talk to them after contact. Guys expect girls to understand this and not to be angry with this.