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Don’t look for spontaneity to have a better sx life

Sx-x life requires a lot of nurturing to be successful.Thinking that sx-x will happen spontaneously may not work always. Putting in more thought and effort is the way to move ahead. Although going by instinct and opting for the have to have you now kind of sx-x might be great in the initial period of a relationship, being spontaneous is not necessarily the best way to go forward since a hectic schedule and constant effort to maintain a work life balance with several priorities can put plans regarding sx-x on the back burner.

In such a situation, waiting for spontaneous desire to drive your sx-x life isn’t a great option and to put effort into feeling arousal and making your partner feel the same way consistently is a great way to move forward in a long term relationship. This requires generating arousal since exhausting work life may take a toll on desire. For this the sexual excitation system (SES) and the sx-x-ual inhibition system (SIS) need to be in focus. The SES is a mechanism that looks for s-xx-ually appealing factors and sends signals to the brain accordingly, meanwhile the SIS does the opposite, looking for turn offs in the environment and giving you reasons to not have sx-x.