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Don’t throw away the silica gel packets!

Silica gel packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. Here are a few areas where we can reuse that packets at home.
1. To keep photos safe and moisture free, you can put keep silica gel packets together with your photos or album.

2. Whether you have important documents stored in files in desk space, cabinet, box or envelopes, you can add few packets of silica gel packets to keep them protected.

3. To preserve your ornaments and Christmas decorations, put few silica gel packets together inside the boxes. It will prevent moist and fungus growth.

4. Extend the life of razor blades by keeping it in a container with silica gel packets . It prevent moisture and oxidation of the blades.

5. It saves your electronic gadgets from water damage.
a. Keep few silica gel packets with your camera. It will keep the camera and lense dry.
b. Incase your phone get wet, do not try to switch on the phone. Instead remove the possible covers and batteries and put it in a zip lock bag with some silica gel packets. Silica gel will absorb all the moist from the phone.

6. Crushed silica gel can be used to eradicate bed bugs.