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Why should we drink masala tea?

Masala Tea
When foreigners visit India they prefer to have masala tea. Keralites aren’t familiar with this North Indian drink.

How is a masala tea made?
By adding garam masala to our tea, it will become masala tea. Add cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, dried ginger. Boil adequate amount of water in low flame and crushed ginger into it. When it boils well add milk and garam masala powder into it. Sieve it before use. We can also use the garam masala available in market.

Why should we drink masala tea?
Masala tea is used to keep ourselves away from cold during winter in North India. There are more benefits of having this tea.
1. Eliminates fatigue.
2. Improves immunity power.
3. Used as medicine for common cold.
4. Masala helps in proper digestion.
5. Spices decrease bad cholesterol and increases the production of insulin.
6. Reduces the risk of diabetics.
7. Helps in weight reduction.

Then why should we avoid masala tea. Let’s include this in our diet.