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June 5, 2016 Comments Off on Benefits of having drumstick during pregnancy Views: 4858 Health

Benefits of having drumstick during pregnancy

Pregnant lady and benefits of drumstick
It is very natural that pregnant ladies care much about their food habits. Special care should be given so that any harm can be avoided from the food taken by mother and the child.

If you are pregnant, you will get all kind of advises about nutritious foods from people around you. From those who gave information about drumstick would be less.

Having drumstick during pregnancy is safe. pregnant ladies prefer to have drumstick. Sufficient amount of calcium, carotene, phosphorous, iron, vitamin C etc are included in it. Those who don’t prefer to have drumstick can have drumstick leaves. The leaf should be boiled in water. It contains the same benefits as drumsticks. For pregnant ladies, vomiting tendency during morning and night can be avoided. Not only that they can save themselves from vomiting tendency, but also they can get rid of complication during pregnancy. To be emphasize, drumstick can be consumed by anyone at any time.

Benefits of having drumstick during pregnancy:

  • Difficulties during pregnancy can be avoided by having drumstick.
  • Pregnant ladies often suffer from vomiting tendency in the morning. You can get rid of it by drumstick.
  • Drumstick contains calcium, iron and other vitamins largely. So it strengthen your bones. Doctors always prescribes to have calcium during this period. Thus it is better than having drugs to have calcium. You have to aware of spreading deceases while pregnancy time. Anti-Bacteria value in drumstick will protect you from many infections.
  • Drumstick gives you complete protection from stomach related deceases like jaundice, Diarrhea etc.

Medicinal Benefits of Drumstick Leaves.

1. Aids in breast milk production
Moringa leaves curried using pepper powder, salt and turmeric powder are given to new moms. It helps in boosting the breast milk supply. That’s why it is considered to be one of the super foods to increase lactation in new mothers.
2. Relieves constipation
3. Good for cold in babies and kids. If your baby has running nose, take moringa tender leaves along with stem and boil it in pure coconut oil. Apply this oil in baby’s scalp every day. It is known to stop runny and itchy nose in babies. (NOTE : Please do not try this for babies below 6 months even though its external)
4. Balances the sugar level of the body. Moringa leaves control and balance the sugar levels. So even diabetic moms and dads could have it.
5. Immunes the body as it acts as an antioxidant. Rich in antioxidants, moringa leaves act as an antioxidant which helps the body fight off germs and infections.
6. Promotes proper digestion and metabolism. Moringa leaves act as a very good digestion aid and helps in proper metabolism. You can refer to the moringa leaves soup for babies and toddlers.
7. Lowers blood pressure – Helps to control blood pressure
8. Provides energy – Being a wholesome food, it provides enormous amounts of energy
9. Lactose free – Since the calcium present in moringa leaves is lactose free, even lactose intolerant moms or mom to be/s can have it.