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November 18, 2016 Comments Off on Easiest way to straighten the hair Views: 6921 Smart Tips & Home Remedies

Easiest way to straighten the hair

It is indeed surprising to hear that something which requires thousands of rupees can be done free of cost. We are talking about hair straightening which is a fad of our times. Hair straightening at beauty parlors will cost thousands of rupees, but interestingly it can be done at the home using milk or coconut milk.

For the curly haired and those who wish to straighten their hair, coconut milk is the best aid. Take the half portion of a broken coconut and after grating it, put it in the mixer. Afterwards, squeeze out the milk and add a bit of water in it. But don’t add too much water. Take a spray bottle and apply this on the scalp. Ensure that each and every hair follicle is rubbed with this mixture.

When the hair dries,use a comb with large teeth and so as to avoid hair getting tangled. Massage the head and after fifteen minutes wash the head and dry the hair. Comb the hair to get that straightened hair that you wished. The same method can be done with cow milk also.