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Why migraine? Here is some effective way to avoid migraine

For most people who experience an occasional headache. It would be very rare who did not suffered from headache at-least once in life. It is possible to have a common headache at any time. But, here we are going to discuss about a pinching headache called migraine. Once it get affected someone, He have to bear its pain throughout the life. Because, a complete cure from migraine is impossible. Seeing light and hearing small voices would be allergic to those who are suffering from it. Vomiting, irresistible pain of eyelids, blinking colours in front of eyes are symptoms of migraine. Migraine sufferers don’t have it so easy. Not only do many migraine medicines have side effects that range from nausea and stomach ulcers to an increased risk of stroke and even heart attack, but up to two-thirds of users have also reported that they don’t deliver satisfactory results.

why migraine happens? random changes in brain causes it. inappropriate blood circulation, over excitement, showing some certain types of histamines are leading factors to migraine. Most of us don’t understand what depression looks and feels like. What we don’t know is that many people who are suffering from depression continue to function but in a different degree. So what are the tell-tale signs?

Depression can vary from person to person and some of the early signs that tend to be ignored include. Physical symptoms such as fatigue, low energy and body ache Sleep disturbances Irritability Changes in appetite Loss of confidence Lack of concentration Difficulty with decisions Social withdrawal Becoming defiant Deep sadness / inability to experience pleasure. We can prevent constant Migraine by depending treatments suitable to the patient’s mental and physical condition. even though we can reduce its effect, Expert doctors opines that it cannot be cure completely.

For a patient of migraine, it is very important to identify what triggers the pain to avoid future attacks. Following are some of the surprising triggers:

Stress – Long and working stressful hours that lead to change in eating habits and sleeping hours are one of the major causes of migraine.

Weather – Roaming in the sun triggers a migraine attack quicker than anything else.

Caffeine withdrawal – Recent studies suggest that people who are addicted to caffeine and reduce the amount of their daily intake to even two cups a day are prone to migraine attacks.

Oversleeping – Sleeping for more than nine hours a day also triggers migraine attacks.

An empty stomach – Going without food for hours leads to gastritis and headache. Skipping breakfast is a common habit and a bad one at that. Make sure to start your day with fruits and cereals and lots of water.

Migraine affected person should eat light – liquid food and take rest in a dark room. They must avoid ice cream, curd, egg and fish from food list. Washing head in cold water frequently would give a better feel. Do not use pain killing creams and medicines on which we depend for common headache. those medicines will increase the effect of migraine. having milk by mixing half teaspoon dry-ginger and cumin seed will get better relaxation.