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Ever Wondered Why Dogs Run Behind Moving Vehicles?

Lately, most malayalis have taken a stand for or against street dogs. Most of us who hate them are just scared of them. Its true that when they run behind vehicles there is a possibility of accidents. But efficient drivers can manage without having one. But have you ever wondered why dogs run behind moving vehicles?

You must have seen dogs guarding poor people who are sleeping on the streets. They are their ultimate companion and really loyal to them. If you are a dog lover you will know why dogs actually bark. It is a way they show that the person is not invited in their territory. Or to find out if the person is trustworthy.

Some reasons why a dog runs behind moving vehicles are this , the dog may either be feeling hungry or just bored! When a dog finds a vehicle that has urine of any other dog, which does not belong to its territory, it can infuriate this dog further, as it’ll tend to not accept any other dog from the other territory. Dogs usually get excited very fast and are curious in nature. Since moving vehicles perk up these instincts, their urge to chase those vehicles increases suddenly, and they end up running behind these vehicles. It is believed that although some dogs do it due to their share of bad experience with a driver, there are a few out there who are just very excited all the time and do it simply to kill time!

Loneliness is another reason for a dogs anxiety issues. They are very social animals and deserved to be loved. Howling is one way a dog’s generally expresses its loneliness. Apart from this, the other reason to bark is just an attempt to get human attention! Sound Sensitivity Dogs have extra-sensitive hearing and smelling capability. They can hear the sound that a general human cannot hear. So, if they find any sound or any smell, which is unlikely, they would react to it by barking. For Protection Since dogs are protective by nature, it is protective about its own territory. The dog barks to let others know that something is approaching; and by barking, it makes the predator aware of its presence.