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Your experiences in bed are related to Your Spirit Animal, Find out !

1. Dolphin
You’re playful, so you enjoy teasing your partner during foreplay as much as you enjoy intercourse.If there’s ever an embarrassing moment where you bump noses or get stuck in your skinny jeans, you won’t dwell on it and let it ruin the experience. Laughing makes it special for you.

2. Bear
You are large at confidence because you know your skills in bed. You also like to take control, and be the dominating partner in the relationship. You like to be the master in bed.

3. Wolf
You’re driven by your instincts and very straight forward in bed. You will ask your partner what you want and how you want it. so if you’re in the mood you will initiate first.

4. Hawk
Like a hawk, you are focused and pays attention to your partner’s likes, which is why it’s so easy for you to get them to orgasm. They love sleeping with you, because unlike their past partners, you’ve actually taken the time to learn the way that their body works.

5. Fox
A creative guy in bed. You are clever and quick like a fox. You are very experimentative in the bedroom. You’ll try it all. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You’re the type who prefers having s–xx outside of the bedroom, so it’s not unusual for you to get dirty in the back of a movie theater or in a bar bathroom.

6. Sloth
You just want to take it easy and lie down in the bedroom and leave the rest to your partner. Its very lazy but relaxing. Receiving oral is your favorite thing in the world, because it means you aren’t expected to move your body. You can just enjoy the moment and then fall back asleep.

7. Horse
You’re active and adventurous. skills. You also love trying new things, so whenever your partner mentions one of their kinky fantasies, you’ll agree to act it out. No questions asked.

8. Monkey
You get bored if you stay in one place for too long. You like to move around, which is why you’ll bend yourself into dozens of different positions during intercourse.

9. Owl
You hate morning intercourse and don’t really have to try to make your partner orgasm. It just happens. You prefer to do it right before you go to bed.

10. Dog
You don’t want to sleep with a stranger. You want to sleep with your best friend. You only hook up with people you get along with well, which is why you always have an amazing time in the bedroom

11. Cat
You like to do it yourself. Orgasms you give yourself are usually more intense than the ones your partner would give you, anyway.

12. Elephant
You have an excellent memory, so you remember every little thing that your partner says and does in bed. You’re the perfect lover, because you actually care about your partner’s feelings as much as your own.

13. Deer
You’re highly sensitive, so every touch feels intense to you. If your partner does something small that you don’t like, like play with the wrong hole, you’ll go running.

14. Penguin
You aren’t into the whole hookup culture mentality. One-night stands just aren’t appealing to you. You need to have a spiritual connection with someone, as well as a physical one