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October 7, 2016 Comments Off on Facebook’s most trending Malayalam movie Pulimurugan Views: 3407 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Facebook’s most trending Malayalam movie Pulimurugan

pm-trendingNo Malayalam movie ever has ever got this kind of trending before in Facebook. Is this Pulimurugan magic? The bars are way high up for Pulimurugan as the fans eagerly wait for its arrival. The film is releasing today and the fans are eagerly expecting the arrival of the ‘Puli'(the tiger) and Murugan (the complete actor). Mohanlal’s stunt scenes are said to amaze the crowd after the morning show, especially done for the fans. Pulimurugan has become the number one movie in Facebook trending and this is all thanks to the Mohanlal fans. Stay tuned for the Review of Pulimurugan, later today. The story that narrates the tale of how Murugan become Pulimurugan, go watch it folks! Don’t forget to watch our Megastar’s ‘Thoppil Joppan’ also. Let our big M’s on top always!