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Some lesser known facts about Pulimurugan

There have been many complaints about Pulimurugan from the female folk in social media. Discussions started when a female journalist put up a review on her Facebook Page commenting on the obscene vulgarity in Pulimurgan. And its not just Suraj’s comedy scenes, the trio combination of Namitha, Mohanlal and Kamaline Mukherjee was exclusively vulgar. Fans thinking opposite to the post commented against the activist for saying her opinion about the film out in the open. What they don’t realize is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And Pulimurugan offering such comedies for lustful giggles from the men is to be frowned upon. But there are many who doesn’t agree with this context and they believe it was just a “part of the entertainment”. Many Women felt that Pulimurugan had an offensive line of comedy. But here is what we can be sure about, without any gender classification.

Here are some of the blunders of Pulimurugan.
1. Suraj played his worst career role as a comedy figure in Malayalam Cinema.
2. The weird absurd Background score given to Namitha’s character and the repetition of her character in the film.
3. The scene where Dada Girija escapes by jumping into a car out of nowhere.
4. The climax without a dramatic ending.

Here are some lesser known facts about Pulimurugan.
1. This Mohanlal-starrer is slated to be the biggest budget film ever made after ‘Pazahhasi Raja’ which was made on a budget of around Rs 25 crore.
2. Touted to be an action-thriller, the makers have roped in Peter Hein, the highest-paid stunt choreographer of Indian cinema.
3. The fight master has choreographed the action scenes for films like Bahubali, Enthiran, and Sivaji. Reportedly, Hein was impressed by the story line and director’s vision of the action sequence.

Even if many people are trying to degrade the movie, Pulimurugan is all set to become a blockbuster!