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June 7, 2016 Comments Off on Female Org–sms – Myth and truth Views: 28279 Featured, Men & Women

Female Org–sms – Myth and truth

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It is a common belief that comparatively women take more time to attain org– sm. But it is not the truth. Studies show that they attain org–sm within four-five minutes in masturbation. This is the same with the case of gents. Famous S- -x–ologist Bettie Dodson classified org–sm under seven major heads.

1. Pressure Org–sm
This type of org–sm is obtained when pressure is applied over external body parts through gentle touch or massage. For example a gentle massage on the thighs or legs can cause org–sm.

2. Tension Org–sm
A sudden temper occurs when s- – x- ual organs are touched or mood-boosted. Such type is called Tension org–sm.

3. Relaxation Org–sm
As the name indicates, these type of org–sm helps to shed down all the tensions. Org–sm attained from complete relaxation will revive mind and body alike.



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