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June 7, 2016 Comments Off on Female Org–sms – Myth and truth Views: 28011 Featured, Men & Women

Female Org–sms – Myth and truth

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4. Combination Org–sm
For women two different org–sms are obtained in a single intercourse itself. One through K-lito-ris and the other through vagi–na. this type is often referred as combination org–sm.

5. G – spot Org–sm
An extraordinary and different type of org–sm is obtained out of stimulating G – spots. This is considered to be the most favourite org–sm among women. Most of them unanimously agreed this fact. S – – x- ologists too share the same opinion.

6. Multiple Org–sm
Attaining org–sm more than once at a single physical contact is usually termed multiple org–sm. Even though both male and female experience multiple org–sm, women attain it without intervals where as men need intervals in between.

7. Fantasy Org–sm
Even without s – – x – ual physical contact one can attain org–sm through pictures, images, imagination etc which is often known as fantasy org–sm

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