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Five cosmetic products which could be cancerous

Even the most ‘greenest’ product could contain cancerous ingredients. Here are 10 cancer-causing products that you should probably stay away from.

1. Sunscreen
Sunscreen contains ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate which stimulates the growth of skin tumors and cancerous lesions. Recent studies suggest that sun exposure (vitamin D in particular) is the best solution to prevent skin cancer. Many scientists are also of the opinion that the the high SPF promoted by most of the brands is just a hoax

2. Lipsticks
Lipsticks are doubly lethal as they contain toxic substances and also tend to get constantly ingested while you eat or drink something. If you realise that most lipsticks contain ample amounts of tar, petroleum distillates, Formaldehyde, Propylparaben and Polypropylene, you might never touch a lipstick again. Nowadays many organic lipsticks are being manufactured keeping in mind the best interests of their consumers.


3. Toothpaste
The toothpaste with which you begin each day can heighten your cancer risks. Most toothpastes are filled with fluorides, sodium lauryl sulfate, color dyes, and propylene glycol which are known to cause cancer. Your best bet will be to switch to an organic toothpaste or a non-fluoride chemical toothpaste.

4. Fairness Creams
Fairness creams are just cancer packaged in a tube for you. They contain large amounts of mercury in order to lighten the skin, the effects of which are still debatable. Why not try out a skin peel or some home remedies to get the same, if not better results.

5. Talcum Powder
Talcum powder includes magnesium silicate and asbestos which can cause ovarian cancer and respiratory disorders.