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December 9, 2016 Comments Off on Five factors which lower the quantity and quality of your sperm Views: 5537 Men & Women

Five factors which lower the quantity and quality of your sperm

To father a child sperm count and quality are equally important.There are some bad habits or activities which can unknowingly harm your sperm.Here are 5 avoidable ways to prevent ruining your sperm quality and count.

Keeping your smartphone in the trouser pocket can spell trouble for you. An American study suggested that phones emit electromagnetic radiation and can have undesirable effects on the cells responsible for development of sperm inside the testicles.

Smoking contributes to 13% of male infertility cases. It damages the sperms in such a way that they are unable to fertilize the eggs. Even if they manage to create an embryo, it is less likely to survive. A puff of smoke may also cause hormonal imbalances and erectile dysfunction.

Laptops can be dangerous if you use them on your lap. They can heat your testicles which can negatively affect your sperm production. In fact, a study indicated that men who use laptops on their lap regularly, their sperm’s motility decreases and DNA damages. This may hurt the chances of reproduction.

Tight briefs:
When you wear tight briefs, your scrotum gets held more tightly against the body. It can warm the testicles and create a hostile environment for . Switch to wearing briefs as they can make you comfortable and also keep the scrotal temperature elevated.

Soap and detergent:
Sure, they are considered as the ultimate germ killer but it is not just germs they kill, you are also killing your chances of having a baby. Some antibacterial soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpastes may contain triclosan that is dangerous.