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October 13, 2016 Comments Off on Five Fruit peels with health benifits Views: 2353 Awareness

Five Fruit peels with health benifits

We all know fruits have health benefits but did u know its peels have health benefits too. Now u dont need to throw away these peels, you can just eat them. Moreover, fruit peel is usually not as tasty as the fruit pulp, which could be another reason why we never try to consume a fruit peel.

1. Orange Peel
As orange peel is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it can help burn the body fat faster, and it can also provide relief from constipation and respiratory problems.

2. Banana Peel
Health benefits of banana peel include whitening the teeth, when rubbed on them, soothing skin burns and rashes and also providing a good relief from acidity, when consumed in small quantities.

3. Pomegranate Peel
As pomegranate peel is rich in nutrients and vitamins, they can prevent health diseases, soothe a sore throat and can also make your bones stronger.

4. Watermelon Peel
The white part of the watermelon peel can aid weight loss and it can also make your skin and hair healthier and more radiant from within, as it nourishes your cells.

5. Apple Peel
The health benefits of apple peel include providing relief from constipation, as it is rich in fibre. Apple peel can also strengthen your immune system and prevent certain types of cancers.