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November 16, 2016 Comments Off on Five habits to be avoided while waking up in the morning Views: 5264 Lifestyle

Five habits to be avoided while waking up in the morning

Well begun is half done and when you wake up in the morning you should be aware that a bad start could mar the day.The first few hours are very important and here are five things that are to be avoided to get a head start.

1. Don’t drink coffee
The caffeine in coffee can interfere with our body’s cortisol production, and over time this can lead us to become more dependent on caffeine and produce less cortisol naturally.It is advisable to desist from taking coffee at least until 10 am.

2. Don’t check email
Checking emails the moment you wake up can leave you aghast.When we wake up and check emails straight away, we frame our morning.All the things missed yesterday could vitiate the thinking process.So better avoid it.

3. Don’t make unimportant decisions
Rather than spending energy on silly or frivolous things concentrate on important things in the morning.For instance to avoid being bothered about your dress for the day just choose your outfit the night before.

4. Don’t stay in the dark
After waking up don’t stay in the dark. It will suppress the release of hormone melatonin, which tells your body it’s time to sleep, when it’s light outside. This is why people can find it easier to wake up in the summer, according to a scientist from Harvard Medical School.

5. Don’t stay in bed
Exercise is always extremely important for being healthier, happier and more productive. Pre-breakfast exercise can have its own benefits. A study in Belgium found that exercising before breakfast can help you lose weight by burning more fat than you would later on in the day.