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September 26, 2016 Comments Off on Five helpful ways you can quit smoking in a week Views: 4459 Awareness

Five helpful ways you can quit smoking in a week

Smoke free campaigns have been biggest priority of our country. When you go for a movie you will understand why. Quitting smoking is hard. It’s a process that may take time. Using nicotine replacement therapy can help. But There are steps you can take to help you stay smoke-free, both now and long term.

When you have the temptation and cravings the most easiest way you can do to quit smoking is mediation. Positive energy comes when you find a quiet spot for yourself when you have the cravings and simply meditate.

Be Positive
The first hours, days, and weeks without cigarettes can be hard. Quitting is a process: take it one day at a time. Keeping a positive outlook can help you get through. There are ways to deal with stress and other strong emotions without cigarettes.

Lime juice can help
100 regular smokers aged 18 or older who were willing to quit were entered into a six-month long randomized, controlled trial, receiving either fresh lime or nicotine gum over the course of the study. Smoking reduction was confirmed through measuring exhaled carbon monoxide , with measurements at weeks 9-12 being the primary outcome. Severity of craving was also measured using a visual analogue scale. They also found fresh lime users tended to report more intense cravings than the nicotine gum group, but the number of cravings were found not to differ significantly between the groups. Lime, of course, is an easily accessible and non-toxic alternative to nicotine gum.

Hypnosis is a method to get rid of your disgusting habit. Hypnosis combined with nicotine patches compares favorably to standard behavioral counseling for smoking cessation.

Inhaling Black pepper helps
Try inhaling black pepper when you have the cravings to smoke a cigarette. The subjective effects of a cigarette substitute delivering a vapor of black pepper essential oil. Inhalation of vapor from black pepper reduces smoking withdrawal symptoms. Previous studies have suggested that sensory cues associated with cigarette smoking can suppress certain smoking withdrawal symptoms, including craving for cigarettes.