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Five lifestyle addictions which can destroy your health

We are aware about addictions.Addiction to alcohol and drugs are well documented.And we know the sideeffects of being addicted to anything.But there are some lifestyle addictions which we inadvertently follow in life,which can ruin our health.

1. Caffeine
About 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day according to Harvard News. That is a lot of coffee. 1 cup of coffee a day is not that bad, it is usually what you are adding into your coffee that is killing you and adding to your coffee addiction.

2. TV
Today it is very easy to get attracted by an awesome T.V show and end up neglecting an important project, healthy habit like exercising, cooking or even an important relationship.Most commonly people watch T.V after work or right before bed which can disturb sleep cycles because of the exposure to blue light.

3. Addiction to sugar
About 70% of the food we are eating today, consists of processed artificial food; food that comes in a bag, box, can and is loaded with unnatural ingredients such as preservatives and artificial flavorings.Sugar is found in desserts, snacks, fruit juices, fruits, prepared foods and beverages.
For example those “healthy” protein bars you have been eating, may not be any better for your health than a candy bar. If you find you have cravings for a certain snack, chances are they have got you hooked.

4. Chocolate
Chocolate has many health promoting effects and can also be addicting, because it contains both sugar and fat. Not all chocolates contain high amounts of sugar and fat, but generally most chocolates do. Eating high quality chocolate containing at least 70% cacao or higher is much better than eating milk chocolate loaded with sugar. Nonetheless, chocolate is still high in fat and contains sugar, so it is best to limit your intake to a few pieces of high quality chocolate a day at most.

5. Too much obsession with mobile
If you are not able to stop checking your phone for the incoming onslaught of texts and emails. Well, you are not alone. According to Time Magazine, American’s check their phone 8 billion times per day, that is an average of about 46 times every single day.Phone addiction is real, next time you are in public just take a look around and you will likely notice 8 out of every 10 people glued to their phones; whether it be sitting at a red light in traffic, standing in line at the mall, or even while working out in the gym.

6. Social Media
Social media addiction is bad, real bad. The key to not becoming a phone and social media addict is – to use social media and not let it use you. Do not let them have your most precious asset your time. Do not get me wrong, social media can be pretty awesome especially if you are a small business owner or run an online business and can be used to do many amazing things like connecting with friends.