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October 6, 2016 Comments Off on Five mistakes of skin care that you haven’t noticed yet Views: 1509 Beauty & Fashion

Five mistakes of skin care that you haven’t noticed yet

Skin needs to be taken good care of, otherwise you can end up with a bad skin tone. Here are some tips for better skincare.

1. Avoiding the neck and other exposed areas while applying sun-screen lotion.
Usually, When we apply sun screen its just on our face, but we never apply them on our neck and other exposed areas. But this is a mistake. Your skin will be half burnt and half not!

2. Not wearing foundation on the face everyday, since we feel that we need to let the skin breathe.
A decent foundation actually protects your face from impurities and free radicals. Just ensure that you cleanse your skin well before and after its use.

3. Using razor as a quick solution to remove unwanted hair.
This is a bad move. You might get cuts and injuries as well. What do you do to remove unwanted hair? The best hair removal solution is Veet (Hair Removal/Depilatory Products for Women). It helps in removing unwanted hair closer to the roots, without any stubble trouble and fear of nicks & cuts.

4. Applying cream-based products in the wrong order.
You cannot simply apply cream based products in any order. Just because you have a lot of creams doesn’t mean you can just apply them altogether at once .The products which are of thinner consistency have to be applied first, followed by the thicker ones.

5. Applying moisturizing cream on wet skin.
Never apply moisturizing cream on wet skin. If you think that you are helping the moisturizer to soak in easily while your skin is still hydrated, you are mistaken. The right way to take care of your sparkling skin is to lightly sponge your face and apply tonic. Once it soaks in, apply your face cream to rightly hydrate your skin.