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Five things husbands should be aware after their wives’ delivery

Dealing with a new born is not easy,but it should be borne in mind that the new mother also should be taken care of. Every husband needs to know these simple but important aspects after his wife has become a mother:

1. Your woman is afraid
Everything is new. You already know this, but for her, this newness is terrifying. She feels like it’s an exam. It took nine months studying and preparing, and now she’s at the moment of truth. She’s evaluating herself, and everything changes constantly. Moreover, a whole world of people are throwing opinions and wanting to help. This is good, but also overwhelming. This can intimidate and stress her out.

2. Your woman has nothing to wear
This point is more frustration than sorrow. She’s tired of wearing maternity clothes, which usually don’t have much variety and take away some feminine glamour. But after she just had a baby, her pre-mommy clothes won’t fit her yet. To make matters worse, she refuses to buy clothes, because in her mind, she hopes to soon return to normal. Praise her as a mother. It might divert her attention. Encourage her to eat and drink plenty of water.

3. Your woman feels ugly
No man could understand the many conflicting feelings she has about her body after birth. On one hand, she realises her body is incredible, it just created a human being! But she can also feel upset over certain ways her body has changed.Along with many other changes, her belly was stretched to the limit, causing stretch marks. She has gained weight, something that no woman likes.Never fail to praise your wife. Look into her eyes when you compliment her.

4. Your woman needs protection
I think women always want their men to be their protectors, but it dramatically increases when she becomes a mother. She needs you to be a barrier between her and the outside world. For example, if she doesn’t want guests to come over, you need to let them know. When something happens that makes her stress levels rise, be quick to say, “I’ll handle it!”

5. Your woman needs permission to rest
Most women go into motherhood really believing they can do it all. They feel the other mothers with dirty houses and cranky babies were doing something wrong. But the complex gift of motherhood burns you out quickly. The worst part is, most mothers can’t admit they reached the limit. Give your wife permission to rest. Point out that she needs to take a nap or watch a little TV to relax whenever the baby is asleep. If she tries to argue, remind her that you are simply protecting her… from herself.

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