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Four aspects men dislike in women

However close a man may be to a woman, there will be some aspects which act as irritants. But no matter what, remember to be yourself. It’s not always the make-up; here are a few other things about women, men find unattractive

1. High expectations
This is a relationship killer. In a relation, its ok for you to expect certain things, but don’t think don’t expect lavish gifts all the time or lunch and dinner at expensive places every time.

2. Too much foundation
This can either improve the appearance of your skin or can have the opposite effect. Make sure you’re using the right shade and blend it well.

3. Too much body spray / perfume
You want to smell good when you two get close, but too much smell before getting to you can be an instant turn-off. Just spray a little on your wrist, behind you ear, at the bottom of your throat and behind your knee.

4. Being Jealous all the time
Men have and will have other females talking to him at some point or the other. He has friends and family too that he will want to spend time with. There is no need to be jealous.