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Guava: a panacea

Commonly seen fruit in courtyard, guava is a storehouse of various nutrients which can gift you a healthy body.

The main constituents of this fruit is Vitamins A, C,B-2, E and K, fibre, manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus etc. It contains four times more Vit C than in an orange. Radically guava is useful for maintaining health and beauty from tip to toe. Consuming a guava will increase heart health and prevents the risk of cardiac problems. Vitamin C and potassium reduces high blood pressure and prevents fat deposit in blood.

The Vitamin C improves immunity power. Guava can be used as salad or juice to keep yourselves away from common diseases. It helps to various types of cancers like prostate, breast cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer.

Vitamin A is necessary for the health of eyes. Deficiency disorders caused by Vit A can be rectified by eating guava daily. Having one or two guava daily will regulate blood sugar. It sharpens intelligence, protects skin. People suffering from night blindness, cataract etc can use guava juice daily.

Guava leaves is good for toothache, gum problems, mouth odor etc. Chewing tender guava leaves is an instant remedy for bad breath. Water boiled with guava leaves is the best mouthwash.

Guava leaves is used in hair care. Make hair oil using guava leaves and applying it will reduce hair fall. Paste of guava leaves will clean your skull as it removes dandruff, fungal problem etc. Applying paste of tender guava leaves relieves you from severe headache.