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July 18, 2016 Comments Off on Guava leaves to prevent hair loss Views: 21011 Featured, Smart Tips & Home Remedies

Guava leaves to prevent hair loss

Today’s lifestyle, cuisine and food habits are the main reason which leads to hairfall.In the scientific report published in the website letsgohealthy.net report experts opine that by using guava leaves one can prevent hairfall completely ie 100%. The growth rate will be doubled.

How is guava leaves beneficial for hair:
Guava leaves is a storehouse of Vitamin-B which is essential for hair health.

How to use it?
Take a litre of water and put a handful of guava leaves and boil for nearly 20 minutes. Allow it to cool. Apply this mixture thoroughly over the skull and leave it as such for an hour or so. Repeat it for next two days. You can also apply the mixture on hair and leave it overnight. Wash it away in the morning.

Massaging head using this mixture prevents hair fall by strengthening the root. Since it is a natural product, there will be no side effects.



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