6 Signs You Deserve More Respect In Your Relationship

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Guidelines to follow before first time in bed with your partner

Most men and women go into bedrooms after marriage, not knowing what to hope for! Does first night scare you? Here are some tips to get past the fear. So what are the guidelines to follow before getting into bed with your partner? While everyone’s experience will be different, we have some tips that will help make your first time as safe and healthy as possible.

Respect is the key word for a relationship
First and foremost, you should feel safe and respected by your partner in all aspects of your relationship. If you don’t feel safe, or if you are feeling pressured by your partner to do anything, these are red flags that your relationship might be unhealthy.

Protect Your Health
Be sure if your partner hasn’t engaged in a physical activity before. If they have, try getting tested before you proceed. Nothing can be sure in this age, and better safe than sorry right?

If your partner tests positive for an S T D, learn about options for protecting yourself if you decide to have physical contact with them. One way to protect yourself from S T Is or unwanted pregnancy is to use protection during contact.

Talk Birth Control
It’s important to have this conversation before you’re in the heat of the moment so that you have time to prepare and gather what you’ll need. Don’t bypass this talk; it only takes having physical contact one time to get pregnant!

Communication is the essential need for a relationship. So have realistic expectations.

Do not be sad, if you haven’t got what you hoped for! Physical contact in movies often looks easy and effortless, but in real life, not so much. Be prepared to feel a little awkward; after all, this is a new experience for you! Your first time might not be perfect which is okay, So don’t get angry or upset with your partner after the first few times. It gets better with experience, time and trust.

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