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These habits could damage your hair badly

Most of us conveniently blame the weather, water, stressful lifestyle and various other things for the damage our hair suffer.But interestingly some of our habits could irreversible damage to our hair.

1. Pulling wet hair back
Tying your hair when it is wet is like committing a crime against your precious locks. Our hair is most prone to damage when they are wet. They can even break easily at this point of time. Pulling your hair tightly might cause more hair loss than expected. Let your hair dry in the air for some time before tying it in a loose knot or ponytail.

2. Towel drying hair after washing them
It is one of the most surprising ways in which our mane can get damaged. Since time immemorial, we have been drying our hair feverishly with a towel, as soon as we step out of the shower. But, seems like this is a wrong practice. Violently rubbing your wet hair with a towel leads to excessive hair breakage and hair fall. One should always dry their hair with a cotton towel or a soft tee shirt.

3. Touching our hair too often
This is one thing we are all guilty of doing. We love our hair, and so we love playing with them all the time. So much that we might end up damaging them. Our fingers touch a lot of things during the day, and thus get dirty and grimy easily. Touching your hair too often can lead to hair breakage, and it also makes the hair too greasy.

4. Blow-drying extremely wet hair
If you start drying your sopping wet hair, it might take a long time for hair to dry. You will have to give excess heat to the hair, which we know causes a lot of damage to it. If your hair is not air-dried before you start with the blow dryer, there are more chances of your hair getting damaged. Make sure your hair is at least 50-60 per cent dry before you start blow-drying it.

5. Our makeup getting into our hair strands
This can be the case if you use too much oil-based makeup, for example foundations and concealers. The makeup might spread to your roots, and damage the hair from within. To avoid this kind of an unexpected hair damage, you should try using powder-based makeup products.