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Happiness: not by chance but by choice

Happiness is not the outcome only of luck. It is closely related to the decisions we make. Wise and judicious choice brings happiness to life. One should also cultivate the habit of opening up your heart and laugh from inside that will provide you with physical and mental health. Scientifically, laughing accelerates maximum muscles in the body, articulates blood circulation, increases the power of involuntary activities and empowers the enzymes which produces laughter.

The environment around us also plays a pivotal role in increasing happiness. It is a great gift to find happiness in everything. If accepting a comparatively smaller gift will bring a smile on your face it is happiness. It is a sign of good health. It is often said that a beautiful flower, music of birds, sea, innocent smile on the face of a baby, a melodious song, a comic strip etc creates joy and keeps you cheerful throughout. Ultimately happiness is something that multiplies when it is shared. So try to share it to the maximum.