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Twelve health benefits of Consuming Fish

Consuming fish is highly beneficial for human body. It is recommended to take in Omega-3 fatty acid rich fishes like sardine, cod etc thrice in a week.

  1. Fish is the main source of protein. The complete protein obtained from fish is good for children as well as old people.It helps in the building and maintainence of body cells.
  2. Improves the health of arteries and prevents the growth of plaques.
  3. Good for heart health. Reduces risk rate of cardiac arrest to one third.
  4. Reduces the possibility of stroke, paralysis etc as it protects the health of arteries.
  5. Prevents Cancer. Lowers the chances for breast cancer, cancer in uterus, intestinal cancer etc
  6. The major attractive factor is Omega-3 fatty acid which prevents most of the deadly diseases and increase the immunity.
  7. Essential vitamins viz. Vit A, Vit B, VitD are largely obtained from fish.
  8. Helps in the health of bones and teeth.
  9. Get different types of minerals and other micro elements which caters every biological activities.
  10. It helps a lot in reducing joint pain and prevents wear and tear.
  11. Presence of Omega-3 fatty acid helps to reduce high blood pressure and related problems.
  12. Improves memory power of the age old and thereby prevents Alzheimers.