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Healthy measures to maintain youth

It’s everyone’s dream to remain youthful and maintain it throughout. Modern lifestyle, food habits, lack of exercises, tension etc. will adversely affect our health. Thorough knowledge and a little care will keep you young always.
Here are some healthy tips to regain youth.

1. Natural, protein rich food
Natural food is a storehouse of nutrients especially proteins. As proteins play a vital role in body building , make sure that your diet won’t lack it. Include 50% fruits and vegetables especially raw one in our daily diet.Avoid artificial foods like fast and junk foods as it is highly injurious to health.

2. Drink water
Drinking water will help to retain moisture in the skin and keep us away from scales and wrinkles. Have 8-10 glasses of water daily. It is better to have natural water instead of cola, tea or coffee, alcohol etc. Choose lime juice, fresh juice, coconut/ tender coconut water.

3. Exercise, yoga
Lack of exercise badly affects our health. Yoga will rejuvenates you both physically and mentally. It increases blood circulation and refresh muscles.

4. Fresh thoughts and sweet smile
Keep your mind and body healthy. Fill our heart with positive thoughts reduces tension which in turn keeps you happy. Believe it or not, smile plays a pivotal role in keeping you young always.It reduces blood pressure, increases immunity and mortality.

5. Sound sleep
Keep your body clean that will refresh your mind and keeps your skin young.There is an indispensable relation between sleep and health. The saying “Early to bed, early to rise Make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” is true by all means. Inadequate sleep will harm skin, body and mental health.

Follow this simple ways and see yourself always be young.


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