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Herbal remedy to get rid of armpit skin rashes

Armpit rashes are very annoying. Especially on a hot day, these rashes can be painful. Red, scaly, not to mention, immensely painful bumps in your armpit, if not addressed soon, will fester for months straight. Try not to drag on the pain and worsen the itch, we suggest you give these herbal remedies for armpit rashes a definite try.

Warm, moist and dark environment of your armpit can make for an excellent host for bacteria, which can further trigger infection.Improper shaving method can also lead to rashes. Clogging up the pores with chemical-based products, improper hygiene, friction and synthetic fabrics can all cause the skin to flare up.

A few things you need to keep in mind are to take a shower in warm water, keep the area dry, wear loose cotton clothes, use cool compressors to soothe the irritation and use unscented moisturizers.

Here are a few herbal remedies with Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Tree Oil

1. Use This Trick, Tea Tree Oil Take a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball. Gently, dab it on the affected area. Let it get soaked into the skin. Antibacterial properties of tea tree oil will help kill the bacteria and dry the rashes right off

2. Aloe Vera and antioxidants in aloe vera help soothe inflammation and relieve itchiness. Extract aloe vera gel and place it in the freezer to chill. Apply the gel on the rash. Let it get absorbed into the skin.

3. Coconut Oil Vitamin E and fatty acids in coconut oil can accelerate the skin’s healing process. Dab extra-virgin coconut oil on your underarms. Let it get soaked into the skin. Repeat it several times in a day.