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April 18, 2016 Comments Off on Hey, stop drinking water while standing! It leads you to Danger zone! Views: 2947 Health

Hey, stop drinking water while standing! It leads you to Danger zone!

There are numerous changes in life style happening every day in our life. Our food culture has widely shifted to a new form. Everything goes in fast and speedy mode. We do not have even desirable time to take rest. Eating and drinking style changed into standing mode. Sometime we drink as standing, sitting, even lie down.  But many research held recently shows that drinking water while standing causes many health problems. Let’s focus on what are they.

It is injurious to health

Drinking water while standing is completely injurious to health.

Intestine and duodenum related problems

By drinking water while standing may cause your intestine and duodenum unhealthy.

Affect normal activity of the body

If you drink water while standing, that water will easily reach in your food canal. This will badly affect your normal body function.

Dysfunction of digestive system

If your normal body function become unordered, it dysfunctions body’s digestive system also.

Affect Kidney function and filtration

Drinking water like this will cause usual kidney activity and alter the filtration rate also.

Accumulation of waste products in body

Drinking water by standing can easily accumulate the waste products all over the body and blood.

Promote arthritis

It also leads you to the arthritis.

Attention!! Take a pause from your busy running and sit. Relax! Then drink a glass of water …



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