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Home remedies for Dengue Fever

Dengue is a debilitating viral disease of the tropics, transmitted by mosquitoes, and causing sudden fever and acute pains in the joints.

The symptoms of dengue fever are:
○ Sudden, high fever
○ Severe headaches
○ Pain behind the eyes
○ Severe joint and muscle pain
○ Fatigue
○ Nausea
○ Vomiting
○ Skin rash, which appears two to five days after the onset of fever
○ Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising)

Dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock are the two more serious forms that dengue fever can take, the former resulting in bleeding and severe platelet decline, whereas the latter results in a dangerous plunge in blood pressure.

The most effective form of “treatment” is actually prevention, but fending off annoying mosquitoes can be very difficult. In hospital, the treatment for dengue is mainly symptomatic. However, in case you are infected by the dengue virus, follow some of these home remedies below for a quick recovery and an alleviation of your symptoms.

1. Barley Grass:
Barley grass has the unique ability to significantly increase the body’s blood platelet count by stimulating the production of more blood cells. Drink barley tea or eat barley grass directly and see a rapid increase in platelet count.
Low platelets count is the serious side effects of dengue fever that can prolong weakness and increase the susceptibility of the body to dengue hemorrhagic fever and more serious complications.

2. Adequate intake of Water:
This may seem like common sense, but due to the excessive sweating, bodily exertion, and the internal toll that dengue fever takes on the body, extreme dehydration is common. Drink as much water as possible to keep the body hydrated, which will also help to ease symptoms like headaches and muscle cramps, both of which are exacerbated by dehydration. Water will also help to flush the body and eliminate excess toxins that can complicate the viral impact of the pathogen.

3. Neem Leaves:
Neem leaves are commonly prescribed for a variety of ailments, and dengue fever is no exception. Steeping neem leaves and then drinking the subsequent brew has been shown to increase both blood platelet count and white blood cell count. It also can improve the immune system and return your strength much faster than many other home remedies.

4. Papaya Leaves:
Papaya leaves are known to be packed with the enzymes like chymopapain and papain that, normalise the platelet count, improves the clotting factor (helps the blood clot normally), improves one’s liver function and repairs the damage to the liver done by dengue. The high levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune system, and the antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress and eliminate excess toxins in the blood. The leaves can be crushed and then strained with a cloth to drink the pure juice.

5. Orange Juice:
The rich mixture of antioxidants and vitamins found in orange juice make it ideal for treating the secondary symptoms of dengue fever and eliminating the virus. Orange juice helps to promote antibodies of the immune system, increase urination and the release of toxins, and stimulates cellular repair due to vitamin C’s crucial role in the creation of collagen.

6. Fenugreek:
Fenugreek leaves are known to reduce fever and act as a slight sedative to ease pain and promote more restful sleep for patients. This isa popular home remedy for dengue fever symptoms in numerous places around the world.

7. Goat milk:
While goat milk is believed to help in increasing platelet counts, there is no scientific proof yet to back this evidence.

8. Basil leaves:
Chewing on basil leaves may not sound particularly appetizing, but this is known to be an important immune-boosting technique.

As per traditional belief, drinking boiled tulsi water can help prevent the outbreak of dengue.

Warning : Never completely rely on home remedies, seek medical attention for further management , especially in pregnancy. Investigations are very important to determine the seriousness of disease.

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