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Home remedies to get rid of Lizards infestation

If you hate to see the lizards on your walls here is a list of home remedies to keep them away.

1. Coffee powder
This is very effective method to kill Lizards. Make your own lizard death balls by mixing coffee powder and tobacco powder. Leave these balls around the house, especially behind cupboards and shelves.

2. Garlic
Lizards hate the smell of garlic. Just hang garlic around the house or keep cloves of garlic near doors and windows. Also can make garlic spray with garlic juice and spray it around the house.

3. Pepper spray
Just mix water, ground black pepper and chilli powder and shake well. Spray this mixture around the house. Lizard will be repelled by the spicy odor.

4. Onions
Keep the onions near lizards hiding place, or make a mixture out of onion and water and spray around the house. Lizard will stay away forever.

5. Cold water
Lizards are very sensitive to temperature. They become immobile when they experience sudden temperature variations. Splash ice cold water on Lizard – while it stays in shock, throw it out of house or kill them.

6. Naphthalene balls
Place them in cupboards and shelves to keep lizards away

7. Phenyl tablets
Phenyl usually use to clean toilet. You can also use the tablet form to spread the good smell in the house and to repell the lizards.

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