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Honey and Cinnamon Mixture to Shed Belly Fat Off Your Waistline

The benefits of honey and the magic mixture of honey and cinnamon is known for hundreds of years for their miraculous curing power. Many people know about the health benefits of honey but very few know about the health benefits of honey and cinnamon combined.

If we look back into the history we can see both these items used by different countries and cultures across the world for different medicinal purposes. Almost all the ancient cultures are aware of the benefits of honey on skin and benefits of honey on hair.

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■ Boil 250 ml water.
■ Add 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder
■ When the mixture has cooled off, add 2 tbsp. honey.

Please note:
■ Add the honey only when the water is cold as otherwise, it loses its medicinal properties.
■ Drink it as soon as you prepare it, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed.
■ If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person.
■ Also drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie.

WARNING: Don’t Take Too Much!

Source Credit: buildlifehealthy.com & realhealthytips.com