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October 26, 2016 Comments Off on Honey mixed with hot water or lemon can be harmful Views: 4234 Awareness

Honey mixed with hot water or lemon can be harmful

Mixing honey in hot water can be a deadly remedy. People who take notice in healthy diets know how to take care of their health properly . What to eat and what not to eat. But surely in this fast life, we are leading most of us don’t take concerns in these diets.But if there is a mistake in preparing these remedies and hot water is mixed with honey then the consequences are bad. Health problems arise after having this drink. It’s important to keep notice on how to prepare your health remedies.

It is harmful to bones and joints to take lemon and honey together. Actually lemon is acidic and honey is also mild acidic and when they both come together the solution becomes acidic for sure and honey always works for increasing the absorption of the substance in the body, that is the basic nature of honey that defined in Ayurveda. so this combination of lemon and honey will result in the increment of uric acid in the body. and this excess uric acid will result in Gout (inflammatory arthritis). To reduce fat people violate the rules of maintaining a healthy diet, this needs to stop at once.