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December 3, 2016 Comments Off on Honeymoon – how did the term emerge Views: 5052 Awareness

Honeymoon – how did the term emerge

honey-queenThe honeymoon is the happiest period in a married couple’s life. Couples have a whale of a time during this period. But the term honeymoon emerged from the sad phenomenon of a male honeybee sacrificing its life for its partner. It is like this,during a full moon day a queen honeybee will dance its way towards the light to attract its mate.

Then a group of male honeybees will go behind the queen honeybee. Except for the strongest male honeybee, all others perish unable to reach the height of the queen honeybee.

The queen honeybee mates with the male honeybee in the air itself. During the mating, the sperm from male gets stored in a particular part of the female. By the time entire sperm is sucked out of the male, it collapses to death. The story of the honeymoon is that of a male honeybee which sacrifices its life for the satisfaction of its mate.