Simple Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair

Do you know 5 benefits of combing hair?

September 5, 2015 Comments Off on How to get soft, youthful hands Views: 1062 Beauty & Fashion

How to get soft, youthful hands

Here are some tips:

a) Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of glycerine and a few drops of rosewater. Apply this mixture twice a day for silky hands.

b) Take a lemon and cut it into half. Put half tablespoon of sugar into it and rub it on your hands. This helps to remove tan and give your hands an even tone.

c) Mashed potatoes mixed with milk are great for hand mask.

d) Eat food rich in calcium like dairy products for healthy nails.

e) Soaps (bar or liquid) designed for sensitive skin are the best choice for our hands. Soaps with olive oil and jojoba are a good option as it does not dry the skin, or strip the skin from it natural oils.