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How to Handle Breakups – 4 Tips You Don’t Know

Everyone knows that dealing with breakups is always hard. There is not so good advice on how to handle breakups on media. Therefore, most people handle breakups in a wrong way and they suffer that much.

Anyway, if you are struggling to handle a breakup, follow these tips. You will feel better thereafter.

1) Accepting their opinion is nonsense –
Do you feel bad because your ex called you dumb, fool or ugly? It doesn’t make any sense that you believe on someone who doesn’t like you?
How many achievements your ex has achieved in his/her life which gave them authority to judge what you are?
Does your ex is the most successful person on the planet? Of course not!
Then how should you believe on them and accept that you are a dumb, fool or ugly!
This is why it doesn’t make any sense to me if you are feeling bad because your ex called you dumb, fool or any other things.

2) Feeling of being rejected is nonsense, too –
A rejection from a loved one is 20 times worse than a normal rejection.
Do you know why?
It is because you always wanted love from someone you love so much. You become so much sensitive about them. You can’t even imagine that they can treat you bad. And then you got a rejection with abusive language.
That’s the reason why a hateful rejection from your ex is very devastating.
However, when you read psychology, you will understand that you should not feel too much bad about the rejection.

When people get any rejection, they feel that they lack something. A rejection touches a person’s own flaws and emotional wounds. This is the reason why people feel bad after any rejection. When your ex rejects you, you think that you have unbearable shortcomings. You think that you lack so many things which made them to break up with you for someone else. So when you got a breakup, you don’t feel that much bad because you lost a relationship rather than you feel worse because you got a rejection which makes you feel bad about you.

Don’t think this way. Sometimes people reject other cause of their own shortcomings. And it has nothing relate to the other person. For an example, a jerk you reject you because he believes that he doesn’t deserve a beautiful girl like you. Or a psycho chick may reject you just to make you feel bad about you so that she can feel good about herself.In this scenario, she just wanted to gain control over opposite sex. And it doesn’t relate to any of your own shortcomings. So handle rejections logically – not emotionally.

3) Read positive things –
After a breakup, most guys and girls read breakup quotes which make them more depressed. You should avoid this mistake at any cost.
Then you should take another step which is reading positive things.
The psychology behind this is simple. Negative things make you more depressed while positive things encourage you to live a happy life.
Read positive quotes instead of reading sad breakup quotes. Read stories of the people who do impossible in their lives.
I am sure it will influence your mind to a great extent. Therefore, it will help you to enjoy your life.

4) Prove the other person that they were wrong –
When you get a breakup, you become doubtful about your abilities. You think that you can’t get success in your life. You suspect that you can’t find someone better than that person who broke up with. And this entire thinking pattern leads you to think for a reunion, and beg your ex to come back.

Come on guys and girls! You just need to develop your coping skills and then prove the other person that they were wrong.

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