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April 16, 2016 Comments Off on How to make a good decision in life??? Views: 1314 Lifestyle

How to make a good decision in life???

Rajiv woke up in a panic to the sound of the alarm. He had to write an exam for less than an hour and he guiltily remembered the time he wasted bunking classes and hanging out with his friends.

He even watched a movie last day while he should have been studying. He promised himself that he won’t repeat this ever again. In our everyday lives, when we classify a bad decision as a mistake we are making things go easy without giving much seriousness.

While we dismiss our bad decision as a mistake, we become less responsible to ourselves. We train ourselves to repeat the same mistake again and again. Thus the first step to stop making a bad mistake is to stop categorizing it as a mistake. Most of us can relate to Rajiv’s story and even some of us can conclude that he’ll repeat the same in next semester also.

It was actually a “bad decision ” that he made, not a mistake. A mistake happens without a person’s awareness. However, not studying for the test was a deliberate decision made with conscious awareness. Thus, it was a bad decision or making a bad decision. So let’s think about the facts with wisdom and take good decisions.