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April 7, 2016 Comments Off on ‘Hritik is circulating my photos’ alleged Kangana Ranaut Views: 992 Bollywood, Entertainment

‘Hritik is circulating my photos’ alleged Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut alleged that super star Hritik Roshan is circulating her photos and emails which he collected from him during they were together. Kangana’s Lawyer has been written a petition to the Mumbai police commissioner.

In the petition Lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee accuses that Hritik Roshan is damaging Kangana Ranaut’s reputation by “outraging (his) client’s modesty” and “imputing unchastity”. Rizwan also alleged through the letter that Hrithik “criminally threatened” Kangana.

Kangana and Hritik were dating together for some time and in an interview Kangana said that “exes do small things to catch your attention by referring Hritik’s name. It has made a controversy between them. After that Kangana was summoned by the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police and asked to submit her laptop to be investigated. But she has reportedly failed to do it.

After all these allegations and issues last day Rizwan Siddiquee has been told that the actress was willing to drop this issue if Hritik was apologized.