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January 6, 2016 Comments Off on HTC unveils Healthbox, wants to track your full fitness Views: 744 Technology

HTC unveils Healthbox, wants to track your full fitness

HTC had announced its intention to enter the market of wearables such as the fitness bands last year. It even showed a device called Grip. But that never made it to the market. However, now the smartphone company has come out with the UA HealthBox in partnership with Under Armour, hoping to give consumers a holistic way to track their fitness and physical activity.

HTC is calling the HealthBox the world’s first connected fitness system that “measures, monitors, and manages…sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.” The box contains a fitness band, heart rate monitor and a smart scale. All three can probably connect to a smartphone — whether iPhone or an Android device — and can show users a dashboard with all the relevant data on it