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July 11, 2016 Comments Off on Humans of Someone – life story of a filmmaker Views: 4110 Video

Humans of Someone – life story of a filmmaker

‘Humans of Someone’ (HOS) tells the story of a man who gets obsessed with a filmmaker whose films become inextricably entwined with his own life, and the people in it. The filmmaker we’re exploring is the iconic storyteller, P. Padmarajan.

Here’s a prologue video to warm up to the themes of the film: youtu.be/Kl96WTpNoh4

Above all, HOS is a love story of strange madness. It’s an epic of the intimate – and hence, universal.

Here’s a first look video that introduces the 2 central characters: youtu.be/Xe_iPpNDz6Y

“We’ve now completed shoot, and the film is well into post-production – a process that is no less than an economic nightmare. Our goal was to make this film outside of the mainstream studio system – to let you enjoy it with the honesty with which it was originally conceived.

HOS has been in development since 2014 and many variables have changed over the years. Location, crew and timelines have impacted the overall budget tremendously. But we have some incredible footage now that we’re really excited about.

And we need the money that we’re asking for to make the film we set out to make. That’s why we’re here on Indiegogo and that’s why 100% of the money raised by this campaign will go towards making this film the best film it can possibly be.

What’s completed at this point: Script/Casting/Shoot/Production/Rough cut/Posters/Prologue video/First look video

Now, it’s time to take the project to the next level and that’s where you, our friends and the Indiegogo community, come in. We aim to raise a minimum of $30,000 to get to our next steps – finish post production and inspire a wide distribution and theatrical release.” The team saying. 

The following is the work we need the money for:

Title Graphics Sound Design & Mix Background Score Color Correction Trailer Soundtrack Album Premiere Screening Film festivals & Outreach Distribution & Theatrical Release

To know about the campaign and the rewards of associating with the film, please visit https://igg.me/at/humansofsomeone