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Importance of physical intimacy in a relationship

Physical intimacy may not always mean having intercourse.But it means being swept over by your partner’s love and warmth, by a single touch, a hug or a kiss. Here are some of the true reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship.

Sense Of Belonging
It gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her after you get intimate in a relationship.

Power Of A Kiss
The power of a kiss is certainly magical! There are no words to describe how a lover’s kiss can change your life.

To Show Care
Getting intimate in a relationship is one of the ways to show your care and concern for your partner with a touch.

Lightens Your Heart
Getting intimate with your partner in a relationship makes you feel so light in the heart, if you minus the heavy pounding of excitement beating through your chest.

It Helps You Connect
It helps you connect with your partner in ways you would never imagine.

The Secured Feeling
By getting intimate with your partner, you tend to feel secured in this big wide world. When he wraps his arms around you, the feeling is indescribable.

Makes You Feel Important
When you are held in your lover’s arms, it somehow makes you feel that you are important to your partner.