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Importance of urinating after physical contact

To avoid infection we need to take some measures and precautions as physical contact. One simple thing that almost all women follow is urinating soon after physical contact. Why? This reduces the chance of infection drastically.

Peeing right after physical contact can help prevent the spread of fecal bacteria to the bladder and, there for Urinary Tract Infections. Another important fact you need to know is to not switch to main contact right after other rare and unhealthy procedure. If you are among the rare couple who practice the deed. If you are not feeling to pee, it’s fine just make sure to go before you fall before 7 hours.

Hygiene is the basic law to be followed after physical contact. Statistics claim that at least 2 out of every 10 women are prone to urinary tract infections at least once. This will mostly be the first time of a girl becomes a woman. Urinating after physical contact could reduce the chances of infections. Health experts say that it is recommended to urinate at least within half an hour after contact as passing urine is the only way to throw the unwanted substances that enter the privates during contact.

If you experience burning sensation while passing urine, or if you experience the urge to pass urine too many times or the colour of the urine is too dark then it could mean that you have urinary tract infection. Consult a doctor immediately. Using a nirodh can reduce the chances of infections but still, it is advisable to pass urine after the act.