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July 8, 2016 Comments Off on Indian gooseberries (Amla) to maintain youth Views: 5567 Health

Indian gooseberries (Amla) to maintain youth

Having two amla daily is good for health and beauty. Mix amla juice in curd and add small chilly is beneficial to reduce cholesterol. The main ingredient in Chyavanaprasam is amla. It has given a prominent position in Ayurveda. It is believed that the main constituent in the magic mix which saint. Chyavana made to maintain youth is none other than amla. It is used as remedy for scurvy, the disease caused by the deficiency of nutritional food. 100 gm of amla contains 600 mg calcium, phosphorus, iron fibre etc. It is a natural source of Vit. C.

Drink a glass of water after eating an amla, you will find yourself refreshed. Preserve amla in honey over fortnight and have a teaspoonful solution twice a day will help in proper metabolism and weight reduction. Mix turmeric powder with amla juice. This mixture is a remedy for cancer in its early stages. Cataract due to diabetics can be prevented to an extent. The major portion of Henna powder which is good for hair health is also dried amla. It is also good for hair colour. Most hair oil companies market amla hair oil for hair health.


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